Abiodun Koya, Classical Singer Cum Songwriter

Abiodun Koya (Nigerian-born US based classical singer cum songwriter) is a Soprano and an Actor, was born to a family of five in a small town in  Ogun state, south-west part of Nigeria. She started her music career at age six playing violin and singing at church and birthday events under the mentoring hands of her parents. Since then, she has grown to be one of the very few African women who sing opera and versatile in Genres such as: Jazz, Oldies, Broadway and Gospel. 

She has spent most of her formative year abroad and warmed herself into the minds of her US and Asia based fans with her Opera/classical style of music.

 She is also a poet, composer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and loves recording movie soundtracks as well as writing story lines for plays and comedies. In her spare time, she holds master classes for choirs and college students as well as musical workshops, and empowerment programs for youth.

Abby, as she is fondly called, has sung for presidents, senators, ambassadors, governors, less privileged children, and Congress members to mention a few. A highlight of her career was an invitation to a black history month performance at the White House. Abiodun was featured in the Americolor Opera Alliance’s presentation of LaRoche, an original opera about the only black male passenger on the illfated Titanic, where she assumed the role of “Madam Mae/Top Lady.”

She holds a B.A. in Business Management and devotes her time and resources to her charity foundation, the Courtesy Foundation, which raises scholarship funds for girl orphans in Africa. She uses her musical platform to shed light on issues affecting African children and women.  

Listen to Abiodun as she rehearsed The hills are alive, with the sound of music” with the exceptionally brilliant classical pianist, Clariece Paulk, in preparation for the concert held at the great Morehouse College (Ray Charles performing Arts center) on Sunday  8th November, 2015.

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