Modulation Techniques

Major Voice Classification

If you are singing in a choir or take voice lessons, you have probably already been classified as a soprano, or contralto (alto) if you are a woman, and a tenor, or bass if you are a man. These classification are basic singing voice types that are common and popularly known as “S.A.T.B”, but we do …

The Voice in Music

The voice is the sound produced by human with the aid of vocal cords or folds. The vocal cords enable human to talk, scream, shout and also sing. We should also be aware that not only vocal cords function as our sound producing element, lungs, larynx and articulators (i.e. tongue, palate, cheek, li…

Professor Mosunmola Omibiyi Obidike

Professor Mosunmola Omibiyi Obidike is at the leading edge of teachers and researchers in ethnomusicology in Nigeria, and the first female professor of music in sub-Saharan Africa. She was known not in music composition field but a pioneer of music education in Nigeria and abroad .

The Clarinet Anatomy

The clarinet is one of the woodwind instruments with a single reed and cylindrical bore. The clarinet as a musical instrument is considered fragile and has many different parts. There are various components that make up the clarinet but all clarinets consist of five major parts. These are mouthpiec…

Dotted Notes and Their Value